New Leased Line Quotation

Dedicated 100Mbit/s Fibre

Delivered using optical fibre, our 100Mbit/s service is ideal for organisations that need low-latency, high-throughput connectivity at an affordable price. Should you need to increase the speed over the term, it is possible to incrementally upgrade up to gigabit by paying an uplift (POA).

Flexible Gigabit Fibre

Special Price Promotion! We've crunched the numbers to make a gigabit connection that suits the needs of almost everybody, but is really competitive on price and flexible for the future. You get the speed of our dedicated gigabit fibre, with a flexible fair-usage policy that can grow instantly as you need it to.

Full-Fat Gigabit Fibre

No limits, no contention, no caps, no throttling. Simply put: this gives you uncompromising speed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1-10 Gigabit Growable

Delivered using optical fibre, our growable 1Gbit/s service can be upgraded to 10Gbit/sec instantly by paying an uplift (POA).

Flexible Ten Gigabit Fibre

Mega Bandwidth! Everything, and even faster.

If you want something that is a bit more tailored to you — higher bandwidths, multiple sites, point-to-point — please contact us for a bespoke quote.

We only need your postcode to generate an indicative quote.
This package suits most of our customers. We provide a dedicated gigabit fibre to your building, and we let you burst your traffic up to full speed, but a fair usage policy applies which is why this option so affordable. We expect 95% of your usage will be up to 100Mbit/sec. Put another way: you can max your line for 36 hours per month, hammering it at full gigabit speed. In that time you'll download as much data as if you'd spent 15 days using our dedicated 100Mbit/s product! This is a product for someone who expects to be filling their gigabit link all day every day. If this isn't you, we strongly recommend our much more competitive "flexible gigabit fibre" product. The underlying connection is still the same, except on our flexible product you can grow your commitment over time rather than paying for fully unlimited usage from day one. It pays to remember that providers increase caps over time for no additional charge, but can't usually lower prices when the customer is mid-contract (even if the customer bought a package that's way bigger than they needed).
The sweet spot is 3 years. Less than this and the installation cost is a significant portion of the total. More than this and you're probably missing out on future upgrades.

To claim a voucher from DCMS:

  • You must be a business registered in the UK.
  • The new connection must be to one of your trading premises.
  • It must be significantly faster than your existing connectivity.
  • You must not have received a voucher under this scheme before.
  • If DCMS does not pay your voucher then you are still liable for the full installation cost.
  • Full terms and conditions apply, so be sure to read more.